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Photo Gallery - 1960s

In the 1960s, US Immigration laws began to open the country to more migrants including those from Malta. After a particularly difficult time in the post-war years, thousands of Maltese would now be free to join their friends and relatives in Detroit. The great majority of those who did make the journey had quality education and work skills enabling them to transition to their new lives quite easily. Beyond that, the introduction of passenger airplane service only strengthened the ties between Malta and Detroit as trips between the two destinations took radically less time. 

Of course having a stable and thriving community helped that transition as well. The Maltese, now in their fourth decade in the Detroit region had carved a successful niche into the areas ethnic fabric. A generation of young Maltese-Americans, growing up through the Depression and World War II now took their place in diverse jobs ranging from factory work, office jobs, entrepreneurial endeavors and more.  

To learn more about each photograph, click it to access it's archival data. 

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