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St. Mary's Maltese F.C. - Archival Data

Title: St. Mary's Maltese F.C.


ThisSt. Mary's Maltese F.C., existing in the 1930s, was an earlier rendition of the later Maltese American S.C. This club too found success in Detroit's ethnic soccer leagues. This team roster commemorates the 1933-1934 team which went undefeated and was the "B Division" champions in the city. 

The original picture can be found at the Maltese American Benevolent Society in Detroit. 

This photograph was donated digitally in 2013 by Marc Sanko.

Source: Marc Sanko

Photograph date: 1933-34


“St. Mary's Maltese F.C.,” Maltese American Benevolent Society, Inc. Digital Archive, accessed *today's date*,'s-Maltese-F.C.

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