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DeMarco Family - Archival Data

Title: DeMarco Family


Charles (Germanis) DeMarco is pictured here with his wife, Gelarda, and daughter, Diane in front of their car and house on Abbott Street in Corktown during the mid-1950s. Charles first emigrated to Windsor, Ontario in 1948 before returning to Malta in 1950. He returned later that year with his wife Gelarda and the family settled in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit. 


This photograph was digitally donated in 2013 by Diane DeMarco Markavich.  

Source: Diane DeMarco Markavich

Photograph date: 1955


“DeMarco Family,” Maltese American Benevolent Society, Inc. Digital Archive, accessed *today's date*,!demarco-family/ztvag

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