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Giorgio (George) Brincat - Archival Data

Title: Giorgio (George) Brincat


A server in the British Army during World War I, Giorgio Brincat was deployed to Constatinople as an orderly for a British Officer. Born in 1897 in Rabat, he returned to Malta after the war taking up his old civilian position as a butcher. In 1919, he married Carmela Grech and soon emigrated to Detroit. Once in Detroit he also took up a position as a buthcer at the Hygrade plant on Michigan Avenue, opposite the former Western Market. Settled in Detroit, he sent for his wife and infant son (Joseph Brincat). By 1923, Giorgio followed his fellow Maltese compatriots into the factories of Ford Motor Company, where he worked until his retirement. Giorgio passed away in Detroit in 1967. 

This photograph was donated digitally in 2013 by Joseph Brincat Jr. 

Source: Joseph Brincat Jr. 

Photograph date: 1914-18


"Giorgio (George) Brincat,” Maltese American Benevolent Society, Inc. Digital Archive, accessed *today's date*,

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