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Scholarship Winners - Archival Data

Title: Scholarship Winners


The Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Grech Cumbo Family Foundation Scholarship is given to students who are actively involved in the Maltese Community and are looking to further their education. The 2016 winners are pictured with Mr. Lou Grech-Cumbo (center). At the time of the photograph, Ms. C.C. Said (left) is an undergraduate student at Spring Arbor University studying psychology, and Rachael Cini (right) is a Master's Candidate at Walsh College studying marketing. 

This photograph was donated digitally in 2016 by Rachael Cini.

Source: Rachael Cini

Photograph date: Nov. 4, 2016


“Scholarship winners,” Maltese American Benevolent Society, Inc. Digital Archive, accessed *today's date*,

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